The End of War

In the beginning of time, two brothers lived and worked
on the land. One day, the eldest, Cain, rose up and killed
his brother, Abel.

Because he brought death to the world, God placed a terrible curse on Cain.

"You will wander the earth," God said, "not as a man, but as the monster you have become."

And indeed Cain began to change.

His face was hateful now, and his eyes burned with a black
jealousy. His hands were filled with great strength and power,
and his mind thought only of death and destruction.

"Who am l?" asked the monster out loud.

"You are the seed of your own destruction," whispered a
voice within him.

"You are War!"

And so, War was born.


Text: Irmela Wendt, ©: 2001 Irmela Wendt; Bilder: Antoni Boratynski ©: 2001 Patmos Verlag


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