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Station: Sri Lanka, February 2007

After weeks of intensive preparation, the Peace Counts photography exhibit was opened with 100 invited guests on the 19th of February 2007 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After the traditional lighting of the oil lamp by Uli Jäger (among others) from the Institute for Peace Education, Michael Gleich (the founder of the Peace Counts project) summarized the project’s accomplishments, under the catch phrase “How Individuals Can Make Peace.” Two experienced peacebuilders from Sri Lanka answered questions from the audience: the 79-year-old Kamala Peiris, who works for peace education and human rights, and the Tamil Rohini Narasingham, whose project, SEED, was documented by Peace Counts ( Sharmini Boyle, the Chef Editor of Young Asia Television, moderated the program.

Peace Education for Trainers

Under the direction of Uli Jäger and Ana Mijic from the Institute for Peace Education in Tübingen (ift), peace education workshops were organized for around fifty employees of different organizations and for the public in Sri Lanka. These workshops lasted one week and complemented the photography exhibition. After the training of the trainers by the ift, the new trainers spread their wisdom and experience to others in more workshops for around five hundred participants from all parts of Sri Lanka (e.g. teachers who were training at the National College of Education). These workshops took place in the Tamil or Sinhala languages.

Workshops for Journalists / Photographers:

Michael Gleich, Paul Hahn and Tilman Wörtz from the journalists’ network Peace Counts led workshops for around forty journalists/photographers from all parts of the country. In addition, a total of eighty students from the Sri Lanka College of Journalism (SLJC) took part in a tour of the exhibit.

Peace Counts on Tour is a current project in the Institute for Peace Education and collaborates with the Peace Counts project. The project is financially supported by the foreign ministry and the Institute for Foreign Relations.

Our partner organization in Sri Lanka, FLICT (Facilitating Local Initiatives for Conflict Transformation, supported by the GTZ), helped in preparing the exhibit and workshops.

The next planned stop on the Peace Counts on Tour will be Macedonia.

Sri Lanka Documentation/Dokumentation

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Podcast - Peace Counts on Tour in Sri Lanka (Young Asia TV)

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