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Station: India, March 2009

Peace Counts on Tour India Phase One

Peace Counts on Tour is an inspiring and motivating project for all concerned persons. This is the lesson from the experiences of the last five stations (between 2006-2008) and the recent award of the Marburger Peter Becker Prize for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Based on these experiences a new workshop concept was designed to come to more far-reaching results in terms of sustainability. That was why the station „India“ differed significantly from the past stations. The idea was to train multipliers to distribute the contents and material of the exhibition "Peace Builders Around the World" among local experts and peacebuilders from different parts of India.

From March 2th – 5th 2009, a train-the-trainer program (ToT) with 22 experienced multipliers (peace activists and peacebuilders) took place in the YMCA in New Delhi. In a 5-day peace education workshop the facilitators intensively worked with the same group. The participants got to know the contents, methods and material of the Peace Counts on Tour (exhibition "Peace Builders Around the World", "Peace Education Package"). After the completion of the ToT in India this newly formed "Peace Counts Team India" will bring the exhibition to three regions (Manipur, Maharashtra and Orissa) and organize seminars for teachers, members of non-governmental organizations and youth workers.

The workshop in Delhi was the first of several phases of the station India. At the end of the one-week ToTs the Peace Counts Team designed a concrete roadmap for the coming months: The exhibition will be shown in Imphal (Manipur), Kandhamal (Orissa) and Mumbai (Maharashtra). After that an evaluation will take place before another ToT for 15-20 more multipliers is offered (July 2009). Subsequently the exhibition will travel through India for another two years.

In addition, this seminar was conceived as a meeting platform for the participants, some of them meeting for the first time people from other regions of India. Thus there were numerous discussions and exchanges on the different conflict situations and issue areas in various parts of the country.

The Institute for Peace Education presented the Peace Education Package. This toolkit contains four main modules that are closely related to the exhibition:

• Visions of a Culture of Peace

• Conflict

• Conflict Stories

• How to be a peace builder

Implementing agencies in India are the respective institutions in constant collaboration with INSAF. INSAF organizes the exhibition and its coordination (transfer, costs etc.) in India. Content partners include the Institute for Peace Education and Peace Counts project. They create the materials for the workshops in Mumbai, Manipur and Orissa and stay in regular contact with the 22 multipliers. In addition to this advisory role, they organize in cooperation with INSAF an evaluation meeting of all 22 facilitators in July 2009.

The feedback at the end of the training week showed that initial skepticism and doubts about a workshop supervised by foreign expert could turn out into enthusiasm for the topic of the exhibition and its material. Many peace activists and peacebuilders gained new incentives for their work. Some of them felt newly empowered to continue working in their respective conflict environments and they felt inspired by the best-practice examples and especially by the charismatic peacemakers shown in the exhibition.

Key partner organization is „Bread for the World“, local partners are the „Indian Social Action Forum“ (INSAF) and the „Organization Act Now For Harmony And Democracy“ (anhad). "Peace Counts on Tour" is funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the funding programme „zivik“ of the „Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations“ (ifa).


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