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Station: India II, August 2009

Evaluation workshop and the training of Trainers II – Sharing experiences and reaching out to additional „multipliers“

After having familiarized multipliers and peace activists from four different Indian states with the Peace Counts on Tour at the beginning of March, by June we were able to open the „Peacebuilders Around the World“ exhibit in north east India (Manipur) and various regions of Mubai. Parallel to the exhibit, peace education workshops were offered for various target audiences, such as peace activists, students, and human rights activists.

In August, Tilman Wörtz (Zeitenspiegel agency/ Peace Counts Project), Jasna Bastic, and Nadine Heptner (ift) lead an evaluation workshop.  The workshop took place in Dehli and was the third of several phases of the tour of India. The purpose of the current trip was to evaluate the experiences of previous multipliers and offer training for 20 new ones.

During the evaluation workshop participants took part in a lively discussion about various local Peace Counts projects. All groups judged their individual projects to have been a great success and sought to continue working with the exhibit and peace education workshops.

Directly following the evaluation workshop, a 3-day  workshop with grassroots peace builders took place. Discussions focused on the role and capacity of local peace builders to affect change, and what could be learned from them for the Peace Counts exhibit.

In India, the Peace Counts exhibit has already been produced twice in the English language and recently has become available in Hindi. The exhibit will also be translated into Oriya, as a tour through Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kashmir and Orissa is planned.

Our most important partner organization is Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World.) Local partners include the Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF) and Act Now for Harmony and Democracy (anhad.) Peace Counts of Tour is sponsered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the sponsorship program of the Institute for Foreign Affairs (zivik.) 

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