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Über den UNESCO-Preis für Friedenserziehung (Hintergrund)


YEAR : 1981
ACTIVITY REWARDED : Promotion of all forms of action designed to construct the defences of peace in the minds of men and to alert public opinion and mobilize the conscience of mankind in the cause of peace.
VALUE : Approx. $60,000 - the exact amount to be decided each year on the basis of the interest accruing from the fund
FUNDING SOURCE : US$1 million donated by the Japan Shipbuilding
Industry Foundation


Background Who can nominate Eligibility Laureates


The UNESCO Prize for Peace Education was established in 1980. The aim of the prize is to promote all forms of action designed to 'construct the defences of man in the minds of men' by rewarding a particularly outstanding example of activity designed to alert public opinion and mobilize the conscience of humanity in the cause of peace.

Who can nominate?

Member States of UNESCO, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations maintaining official relations with UNESCO and persons whom the Director-general deems qualified in the field of peace may nominate an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization whose activites are considered to merit this distinction.

Who may be eligible for nomination?

The prizewinners are designated by the Director-General on the basis of proposals submitted by an international jury consisting of nine eminent personalities from different regions of the world.

The candidates must have distinguished themselves through outstanding and internationally recognized action extending over several years in the following fields: - the mobilization of consciences in the cause of peace; - the implementation, at regional or international level, of programmes of activities designed to strengthen peace education by enlisting the support of the public opinion; - the launching of important activites contributing to the strengthening of peace; - educational action to promote human rights and international understanding; - the promotion of public awareness of the problems of peace through the media and other effective channels; - any other activity recognized as essential to the construction of the defences of peace in the minds of men.

Furthermore, persons and organizations in the creative arts who through their artistic creativity have made significant contributions to the promotion of peace and international understanding.

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