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UNESCO-Preis für Friedenserziehung (Redebeitrag von Uli Jäger)

UNESCO Prize for Peace Education 1999
Uli Jäger

Dear Mr. Matsuura, dear ladies and gentlemen,

it is a great honor for us to receive this award from UNESCO. This award is a particular encouragement for all members of the Association for Peace Education, for the managing committee, the management and the staff members. A lot of people with their diverse skills, talents and competence contribute to the work of the Association for Peace Education. lt is their joint effort to make as many people as possible familiar with the aims and methods of peace education. In order to achieve this end it is necessary to explore new and current forms of peace education and to publish the results.

Peace education today faces great challenges. A lot of conflicts are still settled by use of force. Therefore it is important to demonstrate how to handle conflicts in a non-violent way. Globalization contains opportunities and risks. Hence, peace education must also promote global learning and be instrumental in the adoption of international campaigns and programs into the manifold educational processes. More and more people are learning to use the new electronic media. Thus, peace education must also spread information via the internet and bring people together.

Obviously, the Association for Peace Education is going to support in the forthcoming year the "International Year for a Culture of Peace 2000" by UNO and UNESCO. We will prepare a CD-Rom with 100 pictures for a culture of peace and make it availabe in the internet. Together with the worldwide operation NGO "Bread for the World" we will start a youth campaign "Fair Play / Fair Life" at the Olympic Games in Australia. Finally, the Association for Peace Education takes part in the conception of the European Museum for Peace which will open in May 2000 in Stadtschlaining, Austria.

By means of today's award the realization of these new initiatives and the entire work of the Association for Peace Education has experienced invaluable support. For this we are very grateful to UNESCO and to you, Mr. Matsuura.

Uli Jäger, Association for Peace Education of Tübingen (Germany)

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